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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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page document of work left to be done straight to bridge officials. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. investigate the bridge punch list and we told you about it last night. tonight the toll bridge program oversight committee was briefed on that long list and ktvu's tom baker was the only reporter to talk with bridge officials as they left that meeting and he joins us live. tom. >> the committee is comprised of the head of caltrans, the head of the california transportation commission and steve who is the head of the mtc and chairman. now what they wanted to do was not just talk about those items and many other items that will be fixed, they wanted to know about other long-term kind of things and they wanted to hear direct from caltrans other than the way they normally hear about it, which is usually in the news. based on these punch lists that we showed you yesterday, the questions the oversight committee is most interested in
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boils down to three main questions. what major items are still unresolved? what items will require more than the planned amount of maintenance? and what potentially embarrassing issues still remain that lawmakers in the media will widely publicize? >> we have a draft report on the maintenance issues and it still needs some work. so we're going to take a few more weeks and work on it and get it in the shape we want so it fulfills our purposes of laying out the issues we are worried about when we maintain this bridge. >> the final report will focus on extra maintenance brought on by defects such as the broken bolts and extra maintenance brought on by the unique design. this will have unusual maintenance expenditures. but, those expenditures are going to pay dividends because they are going to allow us to keep this state of the art bridge in state of the art shape so that it serves us well in the event of the large earthquake. >> so, it looks like we're
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going to pay extra, maybe a lot extra to keep this bridge alive for 150 years, but the reality of the situation is, so you anemic that it may last that 150 years in much better shape than bridges half its age. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and our coverage continues on you can look through the bay bridge punch list yourself. we posted documents obtained by our 2 investigates team. you'll find them on our home page. look under hot topics. late this afternoon, that attack on a transgender student at hercules high school never happened. and tonight, we have new information about how the school board is responding. hercules police revealed late today that the teen admitted making up the whole story. and within the past hour, ktvu's claudine wong talked to the president. >> reporter: the school board president had some very interesting things to say about this false report. we should tell you that today,
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ramsey took us into the school to show us the bathroom where the alleged crime had happened, the health center where the alleged report had been made. he told us he did that to show the district wasn't scared of tackling problems here head on. he said he did that because he wanted to be transparent about what was happening and how the district was responding. and even though the report turned out to be false, he says a response is still justified. the west contra costa school district is a district with problems and just because this case goes away, doesn't mean all those problems have been solved. >> remember, we're a school district that has had real legitimate heinous crimes take place. we had a gang rape in 09 '09 in richmond high school. we had an 8th grader raped. i'm not going to sit here and deny we haven't had problems. west contra costa has had a lot of problems. for today, i'm glad we don't have another problem. >> ramsey said the district has an opportunity now to make
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changes, he says he has spoken with the superintendent and they agreed to make hercules middle high school and kennedy high school the next on the list to get surveillance cameras. he believes cameras help solve crimes and also believe they would have prevented this fathers false report. ingly know it would have, absolutely. i know i can say that unequivocally. if there was a surveillance system that would have been corroborating data information, it never would have happened if a camera system -- i know that for a fact. >> now it is going to take about 18 months to get those cameras in at a cost of $2 to $3 million per school. but ramsey says the district has the money to do it. live in hercules, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a dublin neighborhood is on edge after an 80-year-old woman was tied up and robbed during a home invasion. it happened at 9:00 last night. police say the victim woke up and found three men in her bedroom. they tied her up and ransacked
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her home. neighbors say it is the latest in a series of crimes. >> this is the fourth incident in less than a week. i think it was over the weekend, they had three houses they broke into. >> police reviewed surveillance video and say the robbers may have been driving a newer model dark colored chevy or gmc pickup truck. address the crime at a community meeting set for thursday beginning at 7:00 p.m. >> a developing situation in palo alto, hazmat crews have determined there's no hazard following reports of a strange smell and people feeling nauseous. news chopper 2 was overhead. this is the same address where they were called last week. nearby apartments were evacuated. now crews are working to clear the scene. in cohn card, pg&e is repairing a gas leak near market street. drivers are being urged to use caution in that area. >> the court battle between high speed rail and kings
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county and some residents will move forward. a judge in sacramento made that ruling today. at issue is whether the proposed system meets the requirements and proposition 1a. that's the bond measure that voters approved in 2008 to help pay for the construction. a new bill is making its way through sacramento that could restrict medical access for some marijuana users. proposal would require a patient get a prescription for medical marijuana from their primary care physicians. and doctors would have to report back to the state medical board how many prescriptions they write and why. the bill would also require that dispensaries obtain new licenses. opponents say the plan is a flawed approach to increasing oversight and eliminating so- called pot doctors. the solution is to get at the real root of the bad actors and bad prescriptions. >> another bill could prohibit doctors from having a financial
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interest in a dispensary if they prescribe medical marijuana. the u.s. secretary of labor toured an electrical apprentice program as a model for the country. >> people need to see that this is cool stuff. >> secretary thomas perez says the country needs more training facilities to expand electricians. she is in her second year and thrilled about the program. five years long, it's like a college education and your whole career is mapped out for you. you're going to get healthcare. you're going to get pension. and you see your wage go up every year. it's really a great thing. >> perez says the president set aside $2 billion to double the number of apprentices in skill trade jobs. they can't be outsourced and critical to the future of the nature. >> facebook is stepping in to boost public safety by offering to pay for a police officer to patrol its neighborhood.
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ktvu is in menlo park where the city council will be considering this later this everyoning. >> reporter: it would be unprecedented if this passes. there are two ways to look at this. either facebook is extending the arm of generosity, or the private company is using its economic position to get public benefits. facebook is offering to pay about $200,000 a year for an officer that the city would hire with the possibility of extending payments. that officer would work in the bell haven neighborhood, which is not as economically advantage as some other areas. the officer would be used for facebook's own security, but work a regular beat in that neighborhood with an emphasis on school safety and gang intelligence. we talked to a couple people this afternoon who said as long as the officer wasn't solely dedicated to facebook, they would welcome the gift. >> i think it will be a good
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idea of the more officers there are on duty, the safer i feel, i guess, for my family. >> do you have any concerns about where the money is coming from? who is paying for it? >> for the officer? no, i mean, i think it's a great idea that facebook is willing to help the community since they are here in menlo park and yeah, i think it's good of them to do that. >> that meeting gets started at 7:00 tonight here at menlo park city hall. reporting live in menlo park, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a vigil for that middle school student in martinez who was struck and killed by a train will get underway. 14-year-old, jenna died today. she was on the tracks with her boyfriend when they heard the train coming. ktvu has learned that jenna went back to get her cell phone and was hit by the train. friends and family plan to meet
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at 6:30 at martinez junior high school for that vigil. >> uc davis veterinarians are working tonight to unravel a mystery. >> we're not sure. he can't use his legs. >> the evidence that points to poisoning and the unusual place it could have happened. >> and the girls basketball team is taking another shot at getting into the playoffs. >> right now, we are determined on keeping our head up, staying positive for our team. >> the fight they are waging despite being disqualified. >> and back right after the break. tracking chances for showers as we move into tomorrow and the bay area weekend.
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a driver is faces several charges, including dui after causing major damage along a
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block. it happened overnight along san pablo avenue near columbia. police say the jumped a curb. the driver tried to run, but was arrested. they aren't releasing his name, but he is 25 years old and is from berkeley. >> four men from fair field were in court today for an arraignment in connection with the killing of a 16-year-old girl. one of the suspects is speaking out tonight. shot to death along railroad tracks last month in fair field. investigators say she was caught in some cross fire and was not the intended target. the four suspects all range in age from 19 to 24 years old and all pleaded not guilty today in solano county superior court. we heard from one of them today who spoke to us from behind bars. jesus rodriguez said he was in san francisco when naomi rojas was killed. >> are you guilty? >> no. >> why were you arrested?
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>> because she said my name was being thrown around. >> why would it be thrown around? >> i have no idea. >> police say one of the suspects is a patrolee and two are documented gang members. all are being held without bail. he looks perfectly healthy, but this gray horned owl can't use its legs and it may have been poisoned. uc davis is trying to figure out the source. the reporter explains why. >> right now, south lake tahoe wildlife experts don't know why this great horned owl can't use its legs, but they have a strong suspicion. >> we have thought that there could be some poisoning. >> here's why. wildlife officials say this owl can't use its legs at all, but yet it can squeeze its talon. >> the way he can use its
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talons, it looks like a poison. >> also known as rat poison. uc davis is expected to determine a rat poison. meanwhile, a former uc davis researcher who specializes in rat poisoning says this owl could be symbolic of a much bigger issue. >> definitely. >> that's because he has seen a significant increase in rat poison exposure since 2010 in animals that eat rats. >> from hawks, eagles, owls, are being impacted up and down this state. >> state wildlife officials say a major culprit are illegal marijuana grows where growers are using rat poisons unregulated to protect marijuana plants and the cause of this owl's injuries remain a mystery, one researcher used an example to highlight why everyone is concerned. >> if a human were to consume that bear, it is logical the
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exposure can be opened to that particular human consumer. >> once again, that was mike reporting. lottery officials are looking for a man who stole a large lottery scratcher machine from a lucky supermarket. they released these pictures this afternoon. the man broke into the supermarket in freemont early saturday morning and pushed a large scratcher machine out the front door. it's not clear how he drove away with it, but the machine was found a few blocks away. some of the scratchers are missing. so the lottery department has flagged the ticket numbers, so they cannot be cashed in. more american mothers are opting to deliver their babies at home and at birthing centers. the centers for disease control and prevention say the percentage of out of hospital births is now at 1.36%. that's the highest level in 40 years. 36,000 births were home while 16,000 deliveries took place in
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a birthing center. white mothers are most frequently choosing home births at a rate of 1 in every 49. while 1 in 200 births for black and latino and asian mothers are not in the hospital. a miracle march is needed to help the sierra snow pack to recover. the water content of the sierra snow pack at 1/3 of the historical average. most recently in 2011 when close to 17 feet of snow fell on alpine meadows, measuring the biggest march on record in 41 years. a federal water scientist says while a miracle march is possible, it's not likely. and if you had any doubt, take a look. this is video reported late this afternoon from the traffic cameras in the tahoe area. it looks more like spring, not winter. now take a look at incline village. streets are clear and you can see the grass on the left.
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now we want to show you soda springs on interstate 80. snow sticking to the ground, but as you can see, very little and the roads are dry and clear. we need a lot more of that snow. we need more rain as well and we are going to get a little more. >> you know, last 24 hours, they did get 8 inches at the higher elevations. that's good news. and we'll see a little more snow as we go ford and a little more. 69 in morgan hill. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same, if not just a little bit warmer. what i'm tracking is this moisture. there's a bunch of it. the problem is, the dynamics are all up in here. the dynamics are not linking up. the dynamics, the low pressure center will link up with some of this moisture and bring us a chance for some light, i mean very light showers. so we'll be tracking that for you and again as we head into saturday night and sunday. tonight, it's beautiful
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outside. i don't know if you're watching the sunset. beautiful sunset. plenty of clouds out there, but some clearing as well. as we head into tomorrow night, wet weather moves on shore. and then that makes way for some slight sprinkles and wet weather on thursday morning. so late wednesday night. so tomorrow is just about clouds and warm and mild. and then overnight into the early thursday morning, it's about maybe .5 for many. and on saturday night, a very similar system rolls in with more push and that will bring a chance for showers and sprinkles as we head into sunday. none of this is big, earth changing stuff, but it's something. so the forecast model. here we are tomorrow morning. that's why i have a chance of drizzle. it amounts to nothing, but there's going to be a few more. along the coast and the hills, there's a good opportunity for some of this. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, the computer model just updated. i suspect it will be further north and then as we get into
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4:00, 5:00, you see what's going on a little more. the real bulk of this rolls through again late tomorrow night into thursday morning. we have a chance all day for wet weather basically. the forecast highs tomorrow, 68. antioch 67. you have lots of 68's and san jose and morgan hill. so it's warm despite the cloud cover. these systems are low or mid latitude systems. so they are warmer. that's why daytime highs are going to stay up there. wednesday night into thursday morning and then clouds and then saturday night into sunday morning. and neither of them appear to be what we really need, but it's nice to have them. i'll have an update tonight at 10:00. >> the girls basketball team in okay oakwood is trying to drum up support. >> they shouldn't be punished for a technical mistake. so we are looking for the public support to contact your legislators and express the support for the girls team. >> students and parents say
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they were stunned when they got the news. the team was disqualified from the sectional tournament after playing one too many games. the school is blaming a clerical error, which designated one match as a game instead of a scrimmage. the sectional tournament happens, the other is the state c.i.f. tournament. the team is appealing for a chance to play in that. >> the kids qualify, there's nothing that say they don't qualify. we're not trying to get over and the kids are being -- >> the school says it has received an outpouring of support from the community and from state politicians and the team is looking for even more support as the state cif office decides who gets into the open tournament at the end of this week. cactus league play is in full swing in arizona and today, mark caught up with a
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big name player. i'm mark ibanez. a very excentric former san francisco giant makes sure that the dodgers, his new team knows he has no intention of changing his strangeness. we'll have a full report from scottsdale back in a moment.
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sports director, mark ibanez is in scotsdale. >> today, caught up with a former giant who has a lot to say. mark. >> well, thanks, guys, every year we come down here and we cover the a's camp and the giants camp, but today we kind of decided to veer off the cactus league trail a little bit and visit the los angeles dodgers. not just because they are defending national league western division champs, but because we noticed who was starting today for the dodgers. that would be former giant, brian wilson. now this isn't a big scoop that he was starting the game. lots of times, managers like to give their relievers some work early in the game so they are facing the other team's top hitters. as you can see, brian wilson still looks the same with the beard and all that goes with
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his game, so to speak. he pitched one inning today for the dodgers, struck out one and gave up no hits. but we asked him after the game how the dodgers have embraced his, well let's call them -- here's a listen. >> it's my given right to act the way i would like to, because it's, you know, ultimately our lives that we're living and although many people would like you to live a certain way, it's just not the case. so if you play the game the right way, you're loose, i like to have a lot of fun. i like to joke around. like you said, prepare myself, so coming to the game, it is business. but at the end of the day, i would like to have a smile when i go to sleep and for me, that involves being a good teammate and having fun in the clubhouse. if you take this life too serious in a sport, the sport is going to be gone, people are
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going to forget you, and you're going to wonder what just happened. >> that is brian wilson. meantime, frank, we're on a 5 second delay and i know you are dying to ask me, does he have any intention of shaving off his beard, absolutely not. forget about that. his manager said as long as he is putting his work in, they have no problems with his act at all as a dodger. from scotsdale, i'm mark ibanez, back to you. ingly was going to ask about the hair, too. >> good night. ♪
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